Have you every secretly colored in your child’s coloring book? Now, don’t laugh. Adult coloring is big right now because of the benefits it has shown to help people de-stress and relax. The combination of creativity in choosing colors, the repetitive movement of the hand slows down the release of cortisol and adrenaline in the brain, which helps to relieve stress. The famous psychologist, Carl Jung, prescribed coloring for his patients to manage stress and anxiety. He noted the benefits in the early 20th century.

Traditional adult coloring books have various patterns of mandalas, but new ones have beautifully complicated pictures of animals, birds and peoples. You can go online and download free coloring sheets or you can purchase adult coloring sheets at Walmart, Dollar General, and most craft stores. You will also need a set of colored pencils, artist markers or crayons for your work.

What are you waiting for? The next time you start feeling stressed on the job, take 10 minutes and start coloring. You will quickly relax your nerves and be able to tackle the rest of your day.

Until Next time!

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