Creating a Gratitude Jar for Self-Care

As social workers, we spend a lot of time caring for our clients, our families and our friends. We invest in our academic education, spend hundreds of dollars to become licensed only to work for less than our worth. But, we want to empower our clients and make a difference in the world. Yet, budget constraints, long working hours and workplace stress can lead to frustration, self-doubt and a cynical look at our work and the world in general. Don’t worry, I have a self-care tool that will help you gain clarity and focus and you go about the important work of being a helping professional.

Developing a gratitude practice helps us to  appreciate our lives and experiences. First. create your gratitude jar. You will need a jar, note paper, pens or markers and your imagination. For more information on creating one, go to:

Next, do this, find one thing you are grateful for each day and write it on a note paper. Then, put that note in a jar. Do this each day of the work week. On Friday, before the you leave home for the weekend, look over each note or journal entry and see how they are blessings in your work. This will help you refocus your mindset about your work.

Does this sound too difficult? If so, don’t worry. Do the practice three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday and reflect on your notes at the beginning of the following week). Or, do it once a week on Fridays. That way, you can use the end of the week to reflect on what went right at work. This can help you create a good mindset for yourself for the upcoming week. Whatever you do, just get started.  It is by practicing gratitude that we gain a fresh perspective on our purpose, our passion and our profitability.

Please share your experience with creating and using gratitude jars.

Peace and blessings to you.

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