A Quick and Easy Self-Care Guide for Therapists

If you are like me, you are a mental health professional or social worker who cares a lot for your clients, sometimes you do not have time to take care of yourself. With almost 25 years as professional social worker, I have experienced workplace stress, burnout and compassion fatigue. In those early years, I wished […]

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Gratitude for Self-Care

As social workers, we spend a lot of time caring for others including our clients, family and friends. We, oftentimes, overlook taking care of ourselves. Don’t worry, I have a self-care tool that will help you gain clarity and focus in your work as a helping professional. What’s that tool? Developing a gratitude practice. Here […]

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Trauma-Informed Social Work Practice: What Is It and Why Should We Care? – Opinion piece by Dr. Nancy Smyth – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

Originally posted on Social Work/Social Care & Media:
Over the last 20 years there has been increasing recognition of the role that psychological trauma plays in a wide range of health, mental health and social problems. When people think of trauma, they think about experiences like war and the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder.…

Five Ways Movies Can Promote Mental Health Education

Movies and film have the power entertain, inform and inspire empower individuals to live their best lives. Therapists, social workers and mental health professionals have used the concept cinematherapy to create this transformation in the lives of many of their clients. Therefore, in honor of Minority Mental Health Month, here are five ways social workers, […]

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#Minority Mental Health Matters

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. It was established in 2008, by Congress, to raise awareness about mental illness and educate local communities on the impact on ethnic and racial minorities. Mental health issues are exacerbated, within the Black community, on an external level, due to multiple factors including a lack of: access […]

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